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Battery Pack

The company supplies Makita, Hitachi Cordless Drill battery pack. Battery use basic common sense:



        1. The new batteries are generally three to four times to go through the cycle of charge and discharge capacity to the highest value;





        2. In principle, should be in accordance with the order: full -> run -> filled; (Please note that rechargeable batteries can not overcharge and over discharge)





        3. Keep the battery clean and positive and negative, in order to ensure the normal use and charging;





        4. Do not mix old and new batteries or put together a different state of charge to use, not to capacity, type and brand used together different types of batteries and charging.





The new battery discharge:





     When a new battery’s internal chemical substances and unused for long battery when no activity in the first and second use of the discharge capacity may be poor / this is a temporary phenomenon, to charge the battery after 3 to 4 times may make it necessary for the discharge resume normal time.





Ways to extend battery life:





      1. The battery is completely depleted before recharging. Feel the power tool battery becomes weak, please stop using and charging the battery. If you have to use power tools and continuous power runs out, the battery may be damaged, its life will be shortened.





      2. Avoid high temperatures, charging battery after use will quickly become hot if the battery charger immediately after use, its internal chemical substance will deteriorate the goods, the battery life will be shortened. Keep the battery cool before shelving their charge after a moment.





We are regularly exporting battery pack as follows:


12V(2Ah)for Hitachi

12V(2Ah) for Makita

12V(1.3Ah) for Makita 

14.4V  (2.0Ah) for Makita