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 Grass mower head

 Grass mower head is rotating bodies, including the handle, the handle and the handle end portion pivotally mounted on the inner groove playing on grass, has a limit on the inner ring groove and limit files files Ⅰ Ⅱ, grass playing profile is provided with a corresponding stop limit ⅰ 90 ° rotation and relative rotation block ⅰ ⅱ 90 ° rotation stopper files limit rotation block ⅱ, the stopper block in turn limit the role file, set the operation of the mower by on the handle briquetting, briquetting driven piece on the grass playing card lock head block activity of the two stalls, making the mower reaches normal beat edge cut grass and grass playing two states the purpose of cutting edge grass state can effectively cut off a small corner of the weeds. Convenient and labor-saving, compared to the type of grass playing and we want to work environment, so that will have to play different types of grass appears.